openSUSE Linux RPM packages for CJP Operations Center

To use this repository, run the following command:

sudo zypper addrepo -f jenkins-oc

You will need to explicitly install a Java runtime environment, because Oracle's Java RPMs are incorrect and fail to register as providing a java dependency. Thus, adding an explicit dependency requirement on Java would force installation of the OpenJDK JVM.

With that set up, the CJP Operations Center package can be installed with zypper install jenkins-oc

Individual Package Downloads

If you need *.rpm for a specific version, use these.
Name Last modified Size
jenkins-oc- 2018/04/11224.1M
jenkins-oc- 2018/02/14232.7M
jenkins-oc- 2018/01/17232.5M
jenkins-oc- 2017/12/21230.6M
jenkins-oc- 2017/11/08230.6M
jenkins-oc- 2017/10/11230.6M
jenkins-oc- 2017/09/20234.7M
jenkins-oc- 2017/06/28234.8M